(Only for technical issues related to online registration):"In case you face any difficulty in online registration or if you haven't received auto response mail within 24 hours, inform us by - clicking on the linkhttp://cgrs.ibps.in/giving following specific details to enable us to provide quick resolution of the error encountered by you


    Registration Number

    Name of the Organisation

    Name of the Post applied for

    Your Email Id

    Your contact telephone number (preferably your Mobile no)

    Your Operating System Windows XP SP2 or Linux(with Version number)

    Browser with its version number

    Whether java script is enabled

    Copy of Exact Text of error message you encounter


Please make one more attempt from any other PC with either Internet Explorer (9 or above), Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above, Googlechrome 3.0 or above. with java script enabled before filing the report with our help desk."